Gates serve many functions for the home. First, they serve as security from outsiders. Only people with the right kind of access can enter the house through the gate. Second, they also serve as property boundaries. It signifies that if an unauthorized person steps inside the property by entering the gates, then that person commits trespassing. And lastly, they also serve as protection especially if there are cars being parked at home. If you want to have driveway gates installed in your home, you will be choosing between these options to know what you really want to have.

Opening type

Most gates make use of a swing type opening. And these gates are usually best if they open away from road traffic and into the property. These types of gets can also either be swinging to one side or bi-parting which opens at the middle. On the other hand, some gates open by sliding into the fence line. They usually make use of tracks and wheels to make the gliding smoother.

Automated or Manual

There are now homes that make use of automated gates instead of manually-opened ones. They call for lesser effort in opening the gates and saves people time as well. These gates make use of motors that pull that gates to the side. They even come with remotes that help drivers control the system.

Grilled or Fully Covered

Gate designs always depend on how the homeowners like their gates. Some people are okay with see-through gates that are just made up of grills. They even make use of fancy decorative grills that show the artistry of the manufacturer. On the other hand, there are homeowners who like their gates totally covered so there’s no chance for anyone to take a peak of what’s inside the property. These are usually the gates of high-profile homeowners who value privacy a lot in their homes.