How To Choose A Great Wood Chipper

If you live in a country where trees grow in your backyard, and not just trees we are speaking here, enormous and giant trees we are talking about here. So instead of burning, this, of course, is not environments and neighbor friendly thing to do. Buying a wood chipper, an additional asset, according to wood chipper reviews, will come with more benefits. But let’s tackle how to choose a good chipper.

What wood chipper should I choose?

Electric Chipper / Shredder
These types of wood chipper very much look like the golf bag you usually see every day. These complex machines are usually powered thru a power cord attached to a common household outlet. All you need to do is just insert into the plug and start working on those woods. These chippers are comparatively small and light in weight having them transport easily. And the fact that they are electric, which means they only need less maintenance like simple oil changes or replacing spark plugs. They can chew up small wood which has a diameter of 1 3/8 inches.

Gas Powered Chippers with Shredder    
These are the machine for the man. These chippers are usually larger and much more powerful compare to electric chipper and shredder. What an electric type cannot handle, bigger diameter wood sticks and branches then the gas type is the one you needed.

Power Takeoff Type Wood Chipper
Abbreviated as PTO, these heavy-duty chipper shredders is the one you need for farms or other professional applications. Powered by a tractor driven shafts, the PTO chippers can do loads of your wood problems in mincing branches within a diameter of 8 inches. In accommodating large debris of wood, those PTO chippers has been designed with a system which automatically feeds wood inside the machine. The wood debris is very much pulled into those hoppers instead of pushing it. If you don’t have a tractor in your barnyard, a power take-off type is the best thing to buy.