The Most Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Twitter is one of the most used social media platform on the internet, furthermore it is proven to be effective in the use of marketing strategy. Although twitter is a successful way for marketing, there are mistake that sometimes are committed in regards of utilizing it as a marketing tool. You may have encountered politicians, celebrities, companies and other social media companies that are using twitter. Twitter can be used as both as a news source or a platform that spreads the news to everyone, for that reason twitter is an ideal platform for promoting companies and products. However there are mistakes that are committed unconsciously or because of lack of idea on how twitter marketing should be done right.  You must know the common twitter marketing mistakes.

Here is a list of common mistakes:

  • Overselling your brand or your company – in twitter marketing the main goal is to promote your brand and to be able to gain supports from the populace which uses the twitter platform. People will like your brand less if you keep on focusing on your brand, you need to be relatable. Thus building relationship through twitter is more preferable than just continuously promoting your brand. Another mistake than will stem out of this mistake is just retweeting tweets that are about your brand it is another way of focusing on your brand and ignoring the relationship that you are supposed to have with your
  • Ignoring responses – this is one of the biggest mistake that you could commit in your twitter marketing. Ignoring responses is disrespectful and will not sit well to the people of social media.
  • Starting your marketing without a proper plan, goal or strategy – starting without a proper plan will just ensure the failure of your marketing plan. Without proper goal there is no clear purpose or goal for your marketing strategy.
  • Being ignorant of the trending topics – you want your followers to relate to you and your to relate to them, thus without proper knowledge of trending topic this will make your company look ignorant.
  • Overusing of hashtags – improper use of hashtag may not make your tweet discoverable and overusing it will look rather bad and unprofessional.