Why So Many Girls Get Fashion Tips From Kim Dao

Kim Dao ranks among the girl generations’ most celebrated beauty and fashion guru. Many girls all over the world even follow her from her YouTube down to her Instagram account. And, they were right to look up to her fashion trends.

What is her edge over the others?
Reaching out to her audience with a natural charm and wit, Kim offers the most simplistic yet effective fashion tips. Almost instantly, Kim’s following on YouTube relentlessly peaks from time to time, compelling her to publish more entries to satisfy the demands.

Her fashion hits, mostly inspired by Korean and Japanese methods, exceed the frames of a dressing routine so that they cover every girl’s lifestyle package. Her statement simply calls on girls to not simply wear a dress, but be one with the dress. She hands all these tips in her videos with unmistakable ease. Such ability ultimately deem Kim as a world-wide sensation!

A True Inspiration
Many girls consider her as an inspiration; they look to her for fashion trend and skin care tips. By all definition, Kim knows what she is talking about. Naturally, girls would feel confidence from her. Nevertheless, her fashion trend proves to be genuine, weighing between being simplistic, yet also catchy! She works on a dress with such command and statement. These, among the many reasons, continually bring Kim to the top.

Here are the top three famous fashion tips and trends by Kim:

  1. Be bold. In this section, she introduces dressing stuffs and accessories that tend to fall off down the “old-fashioned” drain. Instead of condemning these, she encourages the dresser to go and match these with her outfit and be bold.
  2. In this section, she encourages the dresser to improvise with her own style, signature and identity.
  3. Do It Yourself (DIY). In this section, Kim encourages the dresser to be resourceful. After all, she states, imagination is the sole investment for fashion.