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Trust Your Intuition: 25 “Natural Confessions” From Influential Women Who Choose Natural Solutions for Their Families

Too many people suffer from poor health and live an unhealthy lifestyle because they don’t understand how to move themselves and their families to a healthier state. I am passionate about empowering people with natural tools for health and helping people be more self-reliant in their health care. For this reason I chose to write this book.

I asked some very knowledgeable women how they have, over the past years, used natural solutions in their households. These women have many great insights and I am so thankful for their contributions to this amazing book!



I enjoy Jenni’s approach to natural and healthy living and love all the information on her blog. I have been using the products she offers with great results and appreciate all of her knowledge about oils, herbs, etc.  ~Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar’s Momsense

Mom Essentials Healthy Yummy Recipes – Want to help your family be healthier? Ever wish you had more popular recipes that would help you transition to a healthier diet? Here are recipes, tried and tested over years, and used on my 7 kids. They love these meals and these foods strengthen their bodies too!  $5.95

I have made Jenni’s recipes for my family for years.  Not only have we added good healthy food snacks to our diet but we’ve saved money as well. ~Teresa Rizzo

Hi Jenni! Your website is changing my life. I just went through all of your recipes and was sad when I came to the end. I look forward to learning much more from you! Thank you for everything! ~Ashley


Mom Essentials Jenni’s Stories & Education Ever wonder how to inspire your child to love learning? Read about the experiences that led my husband Mike and I, to take greater responsibility for our children’s education and how we have made it fun and fulfilling.  $5.95

I am so inspired by Jenni. She always offers such timely advice on Mom Essentials. Thanks Jenni! For all your hard work to help families everywhere. ~Nicholeen Peck

These eBooks contain valuable and informative information that will help your family have a healthier dinner menu, ready reference natural solutions, and paradigm changing thoughts on education. You’ll be able to help yourself transition to a healthier diet with recipes you like! You can learn to improve and maintain your health, and you’ll know how to better inspire your family to love learning. :)

eBook Bundle 2016

These eBooks retail for $5.95 each, and $15 for all 3 (including my Natural Health Solutions eBook).
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Currently being revised. If you buy today, you will receive the new versions free when they come out.

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Mom Essentials Audio Classes with Ebooks

Mom Essentials “Wellness For Babies With Herbs & Essential Oils” –    Audio MP3 – I have received many calls and emails regarding caring for babies and using essential oils, what is safe, what is not, how to apply, and so much more.  In this audio learn how to use herbs, essential oils and other natural tools to help baby be happy and give support for things like, minor colic, teething, slow digestion, bottom discomfort, oral white spots, and more! This audio and eBook are $6.95.
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Mom Essentials “How To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding” – Audio MP3 -Stop feeling helpless when you get sick during pregnancy! Understand which essential oils are safe or unsafe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Learn effective tools and natural solutions for supporting high energy, good mood, help with minor nausea, back discomfort, slow digestion, stress, stretch marks, sore nipples, low milk supply, too much milk, breast issues, etc. This audio and eBook are $6.95.Learn More

Mom Essentials “Best Herbs and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery” – Audio Mp3 – with guest midwife, Camille Wilcox. Learn about tools to help with a manageable, smooth childbirth. Discover other options in labor and delivery besides those generally offered, what natural tools can help prevent episiotomy, manage labor discomfort, decrease stress during delivery, help speed up uncomfortable phases, help cervix to open and increase comfort right after birth. Learn which natural tools are good for supporting newborns right after birth and in their first month of life, and what tools can lend support in the case of miscarriage. This audio and eBook are $6.95.
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Mom Essentials – Audio Mp3 Class Bundle
“How To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding”
“Best Herbs and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery”
“How To Treat Babies With Herbs & Essential Oils”
Receive all three audios AND eBooks! The eBooks are packed with all the valuable information from these classes, plus bonus notes!  Only $16.95



essential-oil--bowl-petals-for-aromatherapyEssential Oils As Natural Solutions – Audio Mp3

Essential Oils As Natural Solutions will teach you about underlying causes of discomfort, and what natural tools I use in my home for good health and wellness! Only $5

Big Bundle 2016

Mom Essentials – Big Bundle of eBooks and Audio Classes
Receive all three Mom Essentials ebooks and all three classes with audios AND class eBooks! The eBooks are packed with all the valuable information from these classes, plus bonus notes!  $39.95



How To Stay Healthy Through The Winter

How To Stay Healthy Through The Winter

  • How to get rid of that helpless feeling you get when you or your child is uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do.
  • How to use herbs, essential oils and other natural tools to treat common discomforts, and support the immune system, etc.  $5

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-Contains 3 Bottles FemEase (100 capsules), 2 Bottles Pau ‘d Arco, (4 oz size) and 2 bottles Evening Primrose Capsules (60 softgels).   Click here to order Fibroid Pack


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