Why Grand Theft Auto V Was A Blockbuster Game

A Record-Breaking Success
Many game experts safely call the all-new game series a blockbuster success. It continuous to give insights to analysts and economists alike about its continuous hits. Among those updates are its sales that amount to 9 million worldwide. Meanwhile, it enjoys a revenue of $6 billion dollars on hand. These achievements sufficiently rises the game’s bar as the ‘most financially successful adventure game title in media”.

Why and how has it gained such reputation?

  • Innovative gaming strategies
  • Interaction Level
  • High-quality graphics
  • Intensive real-life scenes
  • Violent and self-expressive nature
  • Complex and substantial plot
  • Liberating personification
  • Thrilling Acts
  • Highly customary gaming modes

What is the game’s plot?

  • The latest Grand Theft Auto V Download plot transports audiences/gamers to New Yankton where central characters Trevor Philips, Michael Townley and Brad Sniper struggle their ways out from a disastrous robbery.
  • Michael, under surveillance, chameleons with his wife Amanda in Los Santos nine years later. Assuming an alias the whole time, he later befriends another criminal called Franklin Clinton.
  • Eventually, Michael returns to life of crime with the help of Clinton and old friends Lester and Trevor.
  • He makes more friends along the way, becomes a producer at a film studio and plans a high-risk heist over Union Depository’s gold bullion reserve, making amends with his family in the process and succeeding with his new-found team.

Where is the game heading for now?
The game has defined a new form of moral ascendancy which many do seem to agree and contest on. As a result, it stirred so many waters in the past, creating controversies within the layered societal frames. In spite of its heated reputation, the game proves to be a billion-dollar hit on record. In the latest series, more game features are expected to greet fans. Perhaps, it would even come to thank its controversial reputation for its massive popularity. This Rockstar-produced game currently enjoys wide and positive reception from Xbox to PlayStation gamers.