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    The vast majority of the books, products and natural medicine I discuss on my website I have purchased with my OWN MONEY, and used long enough (years often) to have developed a strong opinion. I recommend the things I love best based on my personal repeated experience and use. Right now, all commissions or money made from purchases on this site go to cover my expenses and benefit my Causes.
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The Best Way to Get Essential Oils

Do you truly understand the power of essential oils to support, cleanse and nourish your body, relieving minor problems, creating vitality and maintaining optimal health?* Are you serious about purchasing the highest quality essential oils on planet Earth? If you invest in essential oils for your health care, do you want to be sure to get the most value for your dollars?

Here are 3 Ways to Purchase Essential Oils

OKAY: Just buy retail. It’s easy.

GOOD: Get a Preferred Lifetime Membership for only $25. This gives you 15% off all products forever. What you don’t get is the easy ordering capability of a back office, you wouldn’t get the discount of an enrollment kit (because that automatically comes with a wholesale membership, and you would not benefit from sharing the oils with others.

BETTER: Get wholesale prices (25% off) highest quality oils with a $35 membership, or get the membership free when you enroll with an enrollment kit. I offer free membership to my EO Bootcamp and a free class or eBook if you enroll with me on the phone. I’m looking for leaders and would love to have YOU!

BEST: Get an enrollment kit and membership. You will quickly discover that you use up some oils faster than others and develop favorites. Replenish these and try new products on a loyalty reward program. Get an additional 10%, increasing with every $50 order to 30% back in free products (greatest value even with shipping). For every loyalty order over 50, you receive points back for free product and you can change your order every month. You can cancel at anytime, but make sure you redeem your points first! Over time, this is the BEST way to go, because it’s like getting all the products half off when you hit 30% back! It’s well worth ordering a couple things a month.

How to Get Your Essential Oils and Products For Free

Invite friends to TRY essential oils, order through your account and pay for your own oils with points (easy).

Invite friends to get their own account and help teach them passively, earning $50-$500 a month (with regular effort, not too hard).

Actively share essential oils and supplement your income by $500-$2,000 a month (takes work, but not hard to learn how, and I have a mentor program right now).

Replace your income entirely. The company I work with has the highest retention rate in the industry at 65% and their compensation plan is phenomenal and more generous than most companies in their industry (Takes the same amount of time as a regular job and lots of effort, at least at first. Are you determined?).

If these oils are going to change your life, you need to have them in your home. If you use them yourself, it’s so easy to share them! Which kit is right for you?

Please use my contact form to receive information about available kits and current promotions!

Recipe For Success with Essential Oils

Step #1 – Select a kit so you have more than one oil or product to draw upon when needs arise.

Step #2 – Decide which products and oils you want to use repeatedly and share with friends. Order these items through a rewards program to earn 10-30% free product credit back. After 12 qualifying orders you will be getting 30% back (so 33 points for $100 spent), along with the wholesale 25% discount–it’s like getting the oils over half off!

Step #3 - Contact me through my website so I can help you over the phone. I will be happy to help you however I can and give you all my freebies. 

Step #4 – Get some reference materials. If you know the alphabet, you can easily learn all about oils. Here are my favorites:

Modern Essentials 6th Edition 225x300 The Best Way to Get Essential OilsThese large reference books are a MUST-HAVE for using essential oils. It has a science and usage section, a section on all the individual oils and blends, and a reference section to look up all types of health issues and see which oils will help. I order these in bulk to lend out to people all the time.


Modern Essentials 6th booklet The Best Way to Get Essential OilsI LOVE this! It contains condensed reference info as the book above without the sections on the single oils, the blends and the oil inspired nutritional supplements, it’s softcover and small size. This one sells for $2.50. It’s more affordable to buy it in packs of 10 to give away with samples of oils, or to use yourself. AromaTools sells these along with sample bottles, labels and many other valuable tools.

Email support at naturalmedicinemom.com to order or for more information! Or go to my contact form. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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    You can talk with Vickie directly by calling (435) 586-4854. She charges $75 for a 1 hour consultation. She's an expert in female issues, she's my healthcare provider, and she can help you too! Just mention that Jenni from Mom Essentials referred you.
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